Five Renovation Tips That Will Save You Time

A home renovation can be a mammoth undertaking – there’s so much to do, so much to learn and so much research to be completed before you even think about beginning construction. At King Builders, we have over 20 years’ experience in custom home renovations, so we know a thing or two about renovating.

From our extensive experience, here are some of the most important things you should know before you get started on your next reno.

1. Renovate, Extend or House Raise?

Are you going to renovate, extend or completely knockdown and rebuild your home? Before you decide, make sure you’ve considered all the possibilities and you understand the costs associated with each. Look at the pros and cons of each option too – for example if your family is growing substantially, you may consider raising your house and building under, which will double your floor area. Alternatively, if your home is spacious but outdated, a renovation might be the best option for you. Try to stay as informed as possible, to ensure you’re making the right decision for your home.

2. Compile Ideas

Have a think about your needs and desires – this is where all those hours of sifting through home inspo magazines come in handy! Follow your favourite builders, architects and interior designers on Instagram and start creating a scrapbook of colours, textures and inspirations. This scrapbook should embody the look and feel you’re hoping to achieve, and your builder and designers are likely to thank you down the track for this helpful little book. If you can, try to separate your wish list into ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ so it becomes easier to add or subtract elements from your project where necessary.

3. Determine Your Budget

Your budget is integral to the entire renovation – it’s what will determine the scope of your project and the level of quality you achieve. It’s a good idea to chat to your bank or a broker early on to understand what your borrowing power is even before you approach your builder. Also remember to also have a contingency fund throughout the build, in case variations or unexpected costs occur.

4. Stay Home or Move Out?

This will depend on the scale and type of your renovation – if you’re renovating areas like your kitchen and bathroom, they’re probably going to be out of action while trades complete their work. Moving out during construction may also allow for a less disrupted work site and faster completion of works. Chat with your builder first about the best option for you. Of course, for a small renovation, your builder should be able to isolate areas for you to live and minimise disruptions to your everyday living while they work.

5. Interiors

High-quality styling and considered design decisions can make all the difference to your renovation. There is a common misconception that hiring an interior designer is expensive but engaging a design specialist can actually save you money in the long run, as they have connections and accounts with suppliers. Remember that not all design decisions have to come from you – your builder and designer are experts and can offer advice and suggestions to help you through this process.


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